Booking us

We try and make the process of working with us as simple and pain-free as possible, as we realise that when organising events you have many things to consider whether you are planning a gig, wedding or corporate party. We will only require answers to a few simple questions, a deposit to secure our performance and an hour and a half to set up and soundcheck.  You can download our Facsimile Performance Contract to complete and send on to us by email (we just need your name, address and the details of the event).

Please note that you must let us know if your venue has a sound level meter or other sound level restriction – we are by no means the loudest band in the world but we want to ensure we can deliver the performance you want, so need to discuss these things in advance.

About the performance

We usually play two sets and think the ideal gap between them is around 15-20 minutes, and we’re happy to play background music through our PA where we’re providing it. This amount of time gives people time to get a drink but doesn’t loose momentum, however, it’s your event so we’ll work with you on your ideal arrangements.

If the stage is on the ground floor and there is direct access to roll our equipment to the stage area, load in and set up takes about an hour. Although we prefer to do this whilst the venue is clear, we can work around you and your guests if that’s required.

We always plan our set lists to cater to a range of audience members, and some examples are here. If you have any favourite songs then let us know and we will do our best to incorporate them in an order to maximise the dynamics of the sets.

About the band

Facsmile is a five piece indie/rock covers band based in the Midlands.  Formed in 2009, we have played a wide range of venues and events from weddings, to private parties, festivals, bars and clubs.

Our singer Ollie has a fantastic voice that is somehow able to sound similar to every artist we cover yet sounding individual at the same time!  He has long hair that is known to bring women to their knees!

Lead guitarist Liam is influenced by classic guitarists such as Clapton, Hendrix and David Gilmour, but mixes that with his own contemporary style and grunge inspired sounds.  He is also the tallest member of the band.

By contrast guitarist Gareth is one of the shorter members of the act which he makes up for with persona and sound.  Gareth is a sound specialist and prides himself on using the guitar to fill in the soundscape and ensure that each song sounds like our own interpretation of the original.

Our bassist Tom is the glue that holds it all together. With an unnerving ability to play a song without learning it, he carries the songs forward and provides the underpinning movement.

Last but not least drummer Dave ‘Thinchap’ Layzell is one of Derbyshire’s best drummers.  He learns songs inside out, can play the most complicated drum parts whilst making them look easy and knows when not to play as well.  A total musician.

Facsimile combine the strengths of each individual performer into a cohesive whole that performs each track as though it was their own, producing a performance that the audience can’t help but sing and dance along to.